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Without YOU, Partners & Peers is little more than a fancy idea. When you get involved, you are empowered, and you empower others . . . That’s how The Butterfly Effect works!

By flapping its wings a butterfly creates tiny changes in its environment, which causes a chain of events that lead to large-scale change. While the butterfly does not “cause” the effect by itself, the flap of its wings is an essential part of the initial conditions that allow change to occur. It’s the law of sensitive dependence on initial conditions. . .

And it begins with YOU!  

Every individual has a unique contribution to make, and your most valuable contribution comes from your own unique experience, interests, and expertise.

Get Involved!

Become a Partner:

Share your expertise
Become a Peer Partner
Become a Community Partner
Become a HCP Partner                                                             Contact Us

Become a Volunteer:

Volunteer on a Program Planning Committee
Volunteer as an Advisor to the Board
Volunteer for Website Maintenance & Development 
Volunteer as a Videographer or Editor                                       Contact Us 

Become a Sponsor:

Sponsor a Healthy Choices class
Sponsor a Journey of a Lifetime class
Sponsor Continuing Education for Health Care Providers
Host an Event                                                                          Contact Us

Become a Contributor:

Donate to the Cause
Donate to the Kathy Close Memorial Diabetes Education Fund                       . . . Read Kathy's Story
Donate Technologies and Equipment  . . . See our wish list   

Partners & Peers Cause

Kathy Close Memorial Diabetes Education Fund


All donations to Partners & Peers for Diabetes Care, Inc. are tax deductible, under 501(c)3 tax laws applicable to non profit organizations.


Wish List:

Lap Top Computers
Portable Scanners
Portable Printers
Copy & Print Services
Flip Chart Stands and Paper
Digital Video Camera
Hand held GPS for Outdoor Events (Garmin)
Blood Pressure Cuffs 

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