Advanced Diabetes Education with Heart

Partners & Peers arose from need... the unmet desires of a community of people who live with diabetes or family members who have diabetes, to live unconstrained by diabetes management.

Our Mission is to Empower People with Diabetes to actively participate in their health care through partnerships that promote trust and enhance learning.

Caring healthcare providers and people who live with diabetes provide education and support to help others successfully integrate Healthy Self-Care Choices into daily life, and effectively use management tools to achieve therapeutic goals and prevent complications.

We believe that people with diabetes have a right to:       

Accurate and understandable information about diabetes

An understanding of available options for diabetes care

Participation in all health care decisions

Respectful, nondiscriminatory health care

Confidence in their Diabetes Care Team                  

We believe that:

Health improves with community effort and support

Community strengthens meaning and purpose

People learn best from others who share their health challenges  


Partners & Peers for Diabetes Care, Inc., is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, established for the purpose of increasing the fund of information regarding diabetes treatment to people who live with diabetes, health care providers, diabetes educators, and the general public. Our goal is to promote greater awareness of the need to provide appropriate treatment though use of available tools that benefit people who have diabetes.


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